Monday, April 7, 2008

A Dirty Job (April 3rd - April 7th)

Not as funny or evocative as the critics on the back-cover suggest. Moore has a wacky imagination and is an excellent writer capable of tacking serious issues (in the case of this book, death with a capital "D") with a warped type of macabre humor that is side-splittingly perverse. With his latest offering "A Dirty Job", Moore slightly misses the mark on trying to eschew the ominous and gloominess of dealing with death by taking an absurdly comedic approach that is far too uneven. At times the humor does work but the majority of the time Moore's typical silliness falls flat and becomes tiresome starting around the half-way point. The last act is rushed and unsatisfying leaving nothing particularly thought-provoking to mull over. Many would argue that Moore's books are supposed to be nothing more than hilarious bizarre tales that don't aim to be enlightening or contain depth. This is where I would strongly disagree especially if you take a closer inspection at some of his previous novels such as "Lamb" (a perfect example of his ability to balance humor with erudite controversial subject matter). This novel lacked the effectively potent humor and profundity I have come to expect from him.


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