Tuesday, May 22, 2007

May Viewing Log

05/05 Borat (2006, Larry Charles): 8.0
05/15: Pans Labyrinth (2006, Del Toro): 8.0
05/23: Shaun of the Dead (2004, Pegg): 7.0

05/26: Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang (2005, Black): 9.0

Not abiding to any of the cliche trappings of the crime genre, Shane Black's debut is so wicked clever and exciting where the only fault I can see in it is that it might just be too clever for its own good. The dialogue is sharp, witty and very snappy, allowing the black comedy to unfold in perfect sucessession, never missing a beat. The humor is spot-on there are many scenes that blend comedy and violence to a hilarious effect. Right from the get-go, the pace reamins at a constant hustle, leaving nary a time to catch a breath. Top notch performances from Downy and Kilmer who have great on-screen chemistry, further solidify Kiss Kiss Bang Bang as one of the more memorable films of 2005.

05/27: Pirates of the Caribean 3 - At World's End (2007, Verbinski): 5.0

An unecessary sequel that is bloated and totally void of any kind of inspiration. The action scenes were boring and Chow Yun Fat is completely wasted. It would have been nice to have his character serve some sort of purpose other than to try and nail Keira Knightly. A non-sensical plot and underdeveloped storylines; I found myself losing focus quite easily. Depp, Hans Zimmer's fabulous score and the special effects are enough to give this film a passing grade. Let's hope there isn't another sequel.

05/30: Stranger Than Fiction (Foster, 2006): 8.5