Saturday, August 18, 2007

Lemonz Presents: The Top 80 films I Haven't Seen Yet!

Ccompiling arbitrary lists especially revoling around films is an amusing obsession of mine and it's about time I started posted some of these. Before we get started, let me acknowledge that I am borrowing this idea from Shannon the Movie Moxie and it would only be fitting if I didn't pimp her cool film blog. Check it out.

This list will be a helpful way of prioritizing films that I have embarassingly neglected to see for one reason or another. I will also be taking a total of 30 recommendations from you kind readers so if there are films that you deem to be "essential viewing" that has not appeared on my list, feel free to use the comment box to let me know your suggested proposals. My goal is to watch all these films within one year's time and to provide a review (no matter how short, for each one). The worse case scenario being I will just have to fill in the remaining gaps if there aren't enough recommendations from you folk, so I urge you to please send your favorite film titles my way. I will list 30 films to start (in no particular order) and hopefully with your involvement, I can reach my goal of 60. Depending on the number of responses I may expand the list so it all depends on you generous people.

Edit: I apologize for not providing a general idea of films I am in dire need of viewing. Here's a few directors that I need to see more work from: Kurosawa (seen only 1 of his), Bergman, Bresson (Seen nothing), Rohmer (Seen nothing), Sirk (Seen nothing), Ozu (Seen nothing), Altman, Antonioni (Seen nothing), Fellini, Hal Hartley (Seen Nothing), Almodovar, Errol Morris (Seen nothing), Melville (Seen nothing), Kieslowski (Seen nothing), Cronenberg, Fueller (Seen nothing), I'm a big fan of romances (go ahead, laugh) and take a particular liking to costume dramas/period pieces. The horror, kung-fu and musical genre are fair game because I have seen very little of these type of films. Thanks again!

1. Paris, Texas
2. Rebel Without a Cause
3. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
4. Last Temptation of Christ
5. Spirit of the Beehive
6. Seven Samurai
7. Ikiru
8. Persona
9. All About Eve
10. The Sweet Smell of Success
11. Lawrence of Arabia
12. Gone With the Wind
13. M
14. Sherlock, Jr.
15. A Streetcar Named Desire
16. It Happened One Night
17. Bridge on the River Kwai
18. Midnight Cowboy
19. Rashomon
20. Metropolis
21. Rosemary’s Baby
22. In A Lonely Place
23. Blue Velvet
24. The Insider
25. The Battle of Algiers
26. The Third Man
27. Halloween
28. Five Easy Pieces
29. McCabe and Mrs. Miller
30. Pleasantville
31. Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (Recommended by Justine)
32. To Be or Not to Be (Recommended by Justine)
33. Portrait of Jennie (Recommended by Justine)

34. Wit (Recommended by Krissie)
35. The Blue Angel (Recommended by Mango)
36. The Man with the Movie Camera (Recommended by Mango)
37. Chimes at Midnight (Recommended by Mango)
38. The Seventh Seal (Recommended by Shannon)
39. La Strada (Recommended by Shannon)
40. Three Women (Recommended by Ali)

41. Apu Trilogy (Recommended by Ali)
42. Diary of a Country Priest (Recommended by Ali)
43. Blue (Recommended by Ali)
44. White (Recommended by Ali)
45. Red (Recommended by Ali)
46. Autumn Sonata (Recommended by Ali)
47. Wages of Fear (Recommended by Ramses)
48. Gosford Park (Recommended by Krissie)
49. Wild Strawberries (Recommended by RC)
50. In America (Recommended by RC)
51. Talk to Her (Recommended by The Metalhead)
52. F For Fake (Recommended by The Metalhead)
53. Wings of Desire (Recommended by The Metalhead)
54. Oasis (Recommended by JediMoonShyne)
55. Memories of Murder (Recommended by JediMoonShyne)
56. The Host (Recommended by JediMoonShyne)
57. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter ... and Spring (Recommended by JediMoonShyne)
58. Brazil (Recommended by DJ Rkod)


Justine said...

Wow, lots of great films you have to see, I envy seeing some of those for the first time. I'm not sure what you've seen so far,I'll recommend 3 in case you have seen one. Don't feel obliged to include all of them, The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, To Be or Not to Be (1942) and Portrait of Jennie.

Jason said...

Yes, I have some serious catching up to do. I haven't seen any of those three films. They shall be added to the list. Thanks Rouge!

Krissie said...

I LOVE Pleasantville!
Btw, you have Midnight Cowboy twice on the list.
It's hard to recommend movies when I don't know what you have seen and what not but if you haven't see 12 Angry Men, that's mine suggestion. And Wit that I recommended earlier.

Mango said...

You have a fair number of films to catch up on. I wouldn't know what to recommend. I'll try anyway.
The Blue Angel
The Man with the Movie Camera
Chimes at Midnight

Those are essential, I think...

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

I'm thrilled to see you take on the challenge! Coming up with the lists is always fun.

If you've not already seen them, I'd say tack on The Good, The Bad and The Ugly & The Seventh Seal. If you are up for more current films I'd highly recommend Twelve and Holding.

Good luck to you, I'll be looking forward to hear how it goes.

Jason said...

Thanks all for the responses guys and gals! I probably should have provided certain guidelines to give you an idea of what films I need to see. Silly me.

Anyways, here's a list of directors that I haven't seen enough films from:

1. Kurosawa
2. Bergman
3. Bresson
4. Rohmer
5. Fassibinder
6. Sirks
7. Ozu
8. Altman
9. Antonioni
10. Fellini
11. Hal Hartley
12.John Huston
13. Samuel Fuller
14. Errol Morris

Feel free to recommend more! :)

Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

If you need more Fellini, I would highly recommend La Strada.

Jason said...

La Strada shall be added. Thanks Shannon!

Ali said...

This is a really good idea! I'd submit the following FYC...

Three Women - Altman
The Apu Trilogy - Ray
Diary of a Country Priest - Bresson
Blue, White, Red - Kieslowski
Autumn Sonata - Bergman

Jason said...

Hey Ali! Hows it going? I haven't seen any of those 5 films. Thanks for your recommendations!

Krissie said...

I only saw Altman's Gosford Park and I liked it.

Ramses said...

I gotta recommend you Wages of Fear is you havent seen it yet.

It will blow you away.

Also, great blog!

Jason said...

Krissie: Shortcuts is the only Altman I have seen and loved it. Do you want me to watch Gosford Park?

Ramses: Hey Thunder Chunky! Thanks for stopping by. I haven't seen Wages of Fear so it will now be added. :)

Krissie said...

Yes. lol I figured it goes without saying.

Jason said...

Oh my bad. I thought you were just throwing that out there. I'm a little slow :P

RC said...

i'm glad insider, red, and gosford park is on your list.

what about City of God, have you seen's intense and very enjoyable.

How about...

Wild Strawberries...also a favorite.

your other films are more foreign, but have you seen In America by Jim Sheridan, it's my favorite film.

Jason said...

City of God I have seen and loved it. Wild Strawberries and In America I haven't seen so they shal be added. Thanks RC!

Nave said...

Why hello 'Jason'. :)

I just found this now. Glad to see you have seen (and loved) Network, Rebel without a Cause and Pleasantville, all of which were on my top 52 list.

Just wondering if you happened to check out Lolita yet?