Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Basket of Sour Lemonz

For my 9K over at RT this idea came to me and thought I'd start brain-storming here. I will producing (ha, pun not intended) a list of 100 films that sucked well, lemonz and have received two stars or less from me. I tried not to go with the obvious choices. Let the flaming begin.

1. Morvern Callar
2. Red Road
3. Shopgirl
4. After Life
5. Tout Va Bien
6. Passion of the Christ
7. La Notti Bianche
8. Picnic at Hanging Rock
9. I Heart Huckabees
10. Wonderland
11. Fat Girl
12. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
13. Grand Illusion
14. Happiness
15. Sympathy for Lady Vengeance
16. Death-Proof
17. Battlefield Earth
18. Big Fish
19. Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World
20. Simon Birch
21. Pscyho (1998)
22. Hollow Man
23. Natural Born Killers
24. Stranger Than Paradise
25. Planet of the Apes
26. Shane
27. Finding Neverland
28. Junior
29. Pay it Forward
30. Mars Attacks!
31. How the Grinch Stole Christmas


Yaseen Ali said...

I am horrified... HORRIFIED at the inclusion of #8. Please re-watch repeatedly until your opinion changes 180.

Jason said...

It was such an interminable bore. I didn't find any of the ambiguity interesting nor anyhing else for that matter. It was beautifully shot, so I'll give you that.

My name is Ramses said...

I agree with...

Wedding Crashers
Passion of the Christ (big time!)
I Heart Huckabees
Kids (big time!As well as the rest of Larry Clarks films)

I dont agree at all with...

Good Will Hunting (I can see why someone would not like it, though.)
Picnic at Hanging Rock (NO!)
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Sympathy for Lady Vengeance

On the fence

Happiness (I will never ever fully "get it" )

I havent seen the rest.

Jason said...

Your the only other person I know who has seen Wonderland and now have someone to share my pain with. :p

I'm curious what you found so appealing about Shopgirl.

My name is Ramses said...


I liked the bitter coldness the film has behind it's romance. I also really liked Jason Swartzman (sp?) in it and I liked the final conclusion with Martin's character. It just all felt like a downer even though it kind of worked out for all the characters.

Plus, I felt it was Martin's best work since Bowfinger.

The film seems to split everyone's opinion, though.

I really liked it, but I didn't love it.

Jason said...

Interesting. "Coldness" is a good word to describle my initial feelings which of course quickly changed to anger as I pondered it's inept plot and silly characters.Shopgirl contains the worse narration and overbearing score in recently memory. Martin felt so awkward in his role here and it was really distracting and should stick to comedy. Hated, hated, this film.

Justine said...

Le Notti Bianche and La Grande Illusion! Say it ain't so!

My list would be more embarassing though, so I shouldn't rag on you too much!

Jason said...

I'm afraid so. :(

Le Notti Bianche was a purdy film but the thinly drawn characters and the romance between the two leads was insufferable and contrived.

I wouldn't mind re-watching Grand Illusion because there were certain aspects that appealed to me but on a whole it was very unsatisfying.

I'm now curious what films you don't hold in high-esteem. :D